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Ebola Hero: AARON B. JIBBA

January 19th, 2017 Posted by Heroes No Comment yet

My name is Aaron B. Jibba and before the Ebola, I was here in Kailahun.  When the camp was established in Kailahun, I had no job and people were dying.  I applied for a job at the camp and was employed as a hygienist.  When my elder brother whose house I was staying at heard about this, he drove me out of the house saying that he has his children and wife there and did not want me to bring the virus home and end up infecting and killing them.

I was so discouraged that I wanted to quit the job but I decided to continue with the belief that if God said I would die there, then so be it, and if he said I would make it through, then I would thank him after all.  I continued, in part because I knew I was doing something to help my country to get rid of the virus.  At that time, it was not so much about money.  We did not even know what they were going to be paying us.  Whenever we asked how much they intended to pay us, they would tell us to forget about money for now, and that whatever amount they gave us, even if it were a hundred million it would not measure up with the worth of our own lives and those of our people. Therefore, we were told that we should first of all try to concentrate on the job.  We went right to work, and I saw and experienced a lot of very emotional events.

After a while, I was selected along with others to go and train people who were to be employed as hygienists at the Magburuka treatment center.  The expatriates told us that if they tried to go alone, the people out there would be scared to come on board.  But, if we went with them, we would be a motivating factor particularly  if we told them that we were the ones that worked at the Kailahun camp and drove the virus out of our own district. Thus, we went and carried out the training for two months.  When the Magburuka team was finally selected and got used to the work, we were brought back here to continue our work.

As for the community people, they were our biggest challenge.  They discriminated against us so much that it took a lot of courage on our part to continue.  For instance, many of us got driven out of the houses where we lived.  Sometimes we would go to buy food and other stuff and people would not sell to us as they did not even want to touch the money that we carried.  They believed that everything we touched could be a carrier of the virus.  One example, was at the coffee shop “Ataya Base,” where I usually spent time before the outbreak and the people there were aware that I was working at the center.  At first, whenever I went there, they would not drive me away but as soon as I got up from the seat, they would immediately spray there with chlorine.  I decided to stop going there as I myself did want to be having contact with people because I knew I was better protected than those who were not engaged in any form of Ebola related work.

The most powerful memory of the Ebola outbreak is about one pregnant woman who was brought to the center.  Her pregnancy was seven months along.  Before getting infected with Ebola, she had previously gotten another illness that required surgery.  During her surgery, I was invited to the facility to be spraying the doctors with chlorine as they carried out the operation.  Unfortunately, she lost her life and that of the baby in the process.  It was not just the fact that she lost her life that was so heart breaking, it was the way she struggled as she was dying.  After that operation, I was really down-spirited for the rest of that week.

By and large, we received some training in stress management and I attended some self-care sessions that helped us to cope with the stresses. Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) brought psychiatrists and therapists who took us through sessions. It was really timely and useful as at that time we were having frequent nightmares about the things we saw in the field.

Finally, I thank God and feel very proud to have been part of this life-saving work that has made me a national hero.

Ebola Hero: Rugiatu Kamara

July 22nd, 2015 Posted by Heroes 1 comment

My name is Rugiatu Kamara. I am a teacher. I teach at the Elsielisk Preparatory school I got my teacher certificate from portloko teachers college. Presently I do home school lesson for my community members from age 3-15 years. So I took this risk in order to help sustain the educational aspect of the children whilst they are at home not going to school due to this Ebola disease in the country.

I was personal affected by Ebola. I am a qualified teacher and we had close school by September and should have reopened by now but because of this epidemic all schools had not yet been opened till now. Since that time I have just been loafing around at home doing nothing at all. And so I personally very much aware of education. I was affected by the deadly Ebola disease.

Ebola really affected me because schools have not yet resume for the academic years, So I sat one day in my house and thought to myself that I need to find a means of helping these children’s that are just roaming all around in my community each and every day. And seeing those in such state really makes me sad and I also know that there parent too are not happy leaving them idle at home and going to the offices or business places. And when they get back at home they will be tired and sleepy after a long day of play. So I decided to facilitate a home school lesson wherein they will be occupied when there parent live for work. That was how the idea of helping these came about.

The family that I belonged to and my community can are really in support of the educating the younger and older ones that are willing to learn. With educational you can achieve the impossibilities on earth. And my family members are very much aware of education. Because it is priceless and permanent Being an educated person makes you to become someone that is very prominent and outspoken.

The home lesson started from Monday to Fridays. Between the hours of 9:00am -1:00 pm in the afternoon hours. I and my colleague do teach different subjects that are for both Junior and senior school levels. And at the ends of each lesson class we gave each student assignment that they can occupy themselves with when they are at home. And we teach them according to the syllabus.

I took this job because I have been passion and sympathy for the community especially for the younger kids. Schools had been closed since September and the Ebola disease which is a threat to the whole country has made education gone backwards for school going pupils an even for the teachers. Most children just sit at home idle after their parents have gone to work. And I am a qualified teacher who just sits at home doing nothing. Whilst the children are languishing at home doing absolutely nothing at all to keep them busy academically. Although this home school lesson does not cater for large number of children because of the sitting accommodation but my community do benefit from it a lot. So I decided to get the children occupied with the syllabus for the academic year in order for them have not to miss the teachings that they should been thought in school.

My job as a teacher is very important to me and the community for example when a child is born he/she does not know how to do things at home. Instead they have to be taught by their family to do things members that are around them how to say things and even what they should do. Right from the home teaching starts. The mother is the first teacher of her child. But not everyone is born to be a professional teacher. That why children go to school where they will meet people whose passion is to teach. Even in the colleges they also have lecturers that are trained to impact knowledge in them so therefore teachings Job is much important.

It is very difficult teaching during this time of crisis that we have in Sierra Leone. There is no enough space to accommodate all the children that we have in this community. Even the furniture’s that we use as desk and chair are not proper and comfortable for the younger kids. There is even difficulty with some of the parent in bringing their wards to class at the specified time that is classes starts at 9:00am and every child is expected to be on time.

I am praying fervently to the almighty God for such a disease like Ebola to ever happen in Sierra Leone. But if it happens my only advice to the parents and even the government head. I know they are trying to protect lives and also the children. But my own advice to my colleagues is that please has pity on the children and help them in your own little way. By conducting a home school lessons like the one I volunteered to open at home for my community. Even if this home school lesson is opened in every area/community. The children should not be left idle at home doing nothing. These kids are the future leaders of this our beloved country Sierra Leone. And in order for them to achieve this goal they need to be taught well and trained in school

I really thank God for my life because nothing happened to me during this time of crisis. And my family members are safe. We only have some issues. The private school is different from the government schools. Even if you don’t work you’ll be paid. But the private school does not operate that way. Just imagine I have been out of job since September to this day and I have my kids and other family members to cater for. And I have no one to help me.

Now, I know there is hope and there is a light at the end and with God I know things will get back to normal. We only need to continue taking precautions and abstain from touching or washing dead bodies. We should also not neglect the message that are being passed on in the radios, television about how to prevent this disease from entering into our houses. But I have the faith that we are going to overcome this very soon.

My struggle now is just that there is not enough space to accommodate these children. there is not enough tables and chairs to sit and write on. The atmosphere is not conducive at all for learning. We are just squeezing to help the children during this Ebola crisis.

Yes the teachings professional is a part of the whole struggle. It is not possible for everyone to know how to read and write. Some are illiterate. But yet still parent find it hard to abide by the rules

The manner in which i saw the cooperation of the and parent and the mission of the children towards learning really kept me strong and never disappointed. These children are really egger to learn. You can see that they want to continue schooling again if not for this Ebola disease that has made everything stand still in the country. Despite all the odds they still have faith and they are committed although some don’t come early on time, but yet still when they come you see the willingness in them to go through every exercise in class.

I was fighting against Ebola who serves as a threat that wants to bring our education system to zero. And I stood by the grace of the almighty God who kept on protecting us and giving us the zeal and courage every day to continue with classes. Through I am not a nurse and I do not have the medicines to protect them. But with the help of God, none of them have been sick or even contacted the virus. Even in my community, we have never had a case of suspected Ebola people or confirmed cases. There is always soap and water to wash their hands when they come to class and even when leaving for their various homes.

There are so many things that have gone backwards due to this Ebola disease in Sierra Leone. So students have lack wisdom and what they were taught before in school most of them do not remember it now. Even the business places have lost so many good things. But it’s only with the help of God that has kept us going strong. And I also appreciate the parents that are cooperating in doing this home school lesson and cannot understand the threat of this deadly virus called.

The only way to help them is to teach them how and what they can do to help eradicate this virus from their community. Also we use the media to transmit messages in different language across the county. There are so methods that we use to teach using language and signs to communicate well. This is what is required to fight Ebola disease out of our communities.

My wish for my beloved country Sierra Leone is that we never be faced with such thing like the Ebola disease again. And I wish that things will get back to how it was before and even be better than how it was. We all live happy as a one big family walk lot of fun and love amongst us.

This is a lesson for us Sierra Leoneans now. There is a law of not touching the dead bodies and avoid body contact amongst ourselves. Keeping sick persons in your house is very risky and not safe for you. But as soon as they announce that we have zero case and we are free from Ebola. People will just change and ignore the precautions that were giving and they will start condoling all sorts of things they use to do before. In wining this fight we have to go through process and abide by the rules. We do not know if this disease will be really gone for real and its not going to come back. Let us continue listen to what the doctors are saying to us so that we can be set free from the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone.

What I think will be my contribution to help the government to accomplish this fight against Ebola is to continue giving instruments to my students to give the parents when they get home is to always use soap, Detrol and water to wash their hands when they get home. And even when visitors come to visit them in there houses I also tell them not to get any body contact with strangers or even when they do that they should always have sanitizers them whenever they go to. They also are there to remind there parent not to keep sick person at home but instead they should take them to the hospital or call 117






Ebola Hero: Raymond Herbert Johnson

July 22nd, 2015 Posted by Heroes No Comment yet

My name is Raymond Herbert Johnson.  I am a Bachelor of Science and also a teacher. And am 28 years old.

I choose this work because if someone from the community does not volunteer to do the work as a community mobilize to visit the ghettos, neighbouring houses then nobody else would be able to do the work required. And the people will not accept the person since he is not from their community and he cannot be a part of them or even work with them. So for this reason I decided to take up the responsibility and serve in my community as a health mobilizer. And my community was venerable to the Ebola disease.

Yes the community volunteer work was very important to me. As a   mobilize we were at the forefront of the battle against the Ebola disease. And if we do not go to the battle field we won’t be able to bridge the gap between the people that are not aware of the disease and how dangerous it is to humans. So we are there to sensitize them about the disease and how we need to prevent it from spreading and killing everybody in the community. That is why I believe my job as a community volunteer was very important.

Some of the hard moment that I hard during the period was passing on the information to the people. Because when we arrived in most communities’ people demanded things not relating to the work we were supposed to do. Most people told us that they heard about the Ebola funds that have been given to the government. And I was stigmatized and harassed. So many questions which I heard no answer to because I was only involved in voluntary work. People were curious about the budget of the funds and if we were involved in spending it. And how they themselves can benefit from it. It was very difficult to speak with them since there focus was on the money and nothing was of interest to them. We had to let them know that we were doing a voluntary work and it has nothing to do with the Ebola funds coming into the country. The most important reason we took this is for our country to be safe and free from Ebola virus. Some of them didn’t believe what we told them and some did believe in us even though they thought that we are the people that are responsible for the Ebola epidemic in the country.

There are so many hard times during this period and I was motivated by my community that at all cost it has to be safe and free from this virus. Despite the odds I went to the extra mile and spoke to each and every member of my community. I knew about the disease and how deadly it can be if it comes to a community. It will be a disaster and it will affect even my family members that are in the community. So I sum up courage that whatever it takes I should inform all my community members about the disease and how they should prevent it from entering into our community. I also told them the reason why they should prevent the disease from entering into the community. Because once it has entered it will cause great damage to our lives and maybe even my family members would be affected.

I as a community volunteer or mobilize my enemy was this deadly virus called Ebola and so I was fighting against it although not physically, as I can’t see the virus itself with my physical eyes but I know it is in my country and my community is vulnerable to it. And I was able to do that by volunteering and I went to an organization that hired me as a social mobilize and a community health worker. I visited various communities and told them about the disease and how deadly it can be. The Ebola disease was not formed by human scientist for a reason that is harmful to people. Ebola is a disease that can wipe off a whole family and a whole community.

The thing that empowered me most is that I should never give up on the battle and also be in the winning side. If I lose I die and can’t sustain it. If you do not take all the preventive measures you lose and die. And so I have to stay alive, win and tell others about the disease and how it can be prevented. And in my community I interact with everybody and my life too was at risk if I fail to tell them about the disease.

My family also was my greatest motivation. Other family members were not available to do the volunteer work. They were afraid that once you are involved in fighting Ebola it will fight against you and your family members. But the very moment my family knew that I was going to do the job they gave me encouraging words that whatsoever I am going to do is for my country Sierra Leone. And that was very important that such words came from them especially my mum and my sisters. They accommodated me whenever I come home from my work, they make sure that I take my bath using detoil and soap. I was not stigmatized because of the position of my job.

My family gave me so much support and always reminded me that what I’m doing is for my country and also my community members. Despite the stigmatization from people, my family always accept me whenever I came back home from work and made sure that I was ok.

I will always remember this Ebola virus. Especially the good doctors we had in our country that had died fighting this virus. They are more knowledgeable about the disease but yet still they died and others survived. That will always be a tragedy and I pray that this will never happen again to us in Sierra Leon. One of the most memorable moments is when the virus first affected us in Freetown. I had a family doctor that was called doctor Willoughby. When I heard that he had contacted the disease I was very sad and devastated. And at that point I lost courage because even the professionals are affected by the disease then who am I to speak against it.

The main issues about this Ebola in our country are that the government was not active in putting preventions at the very beginning of it. And if in 10years this deadly virus comes back to our country which I pray it never does. I will let my colleagues know that in writing this started in Bo city we have to make sure it doesn’t set to the other villages and towns. Because in Africa our culture involves a lot of interactions and body contact. So my colleagues should sum up the courage like me and help sensitize people against the virus of Ebola in Sierra Leone.

Please I will like the government and also the country as a whole to take pre active measures and help eradicate Ebola virus in Sierra Leone and also in other countries that are affected.

My life changed greatly, ever since I took the community volunteer job most people in my community now see me as a hero. Whatever miss conception that had about the Ebola funds and me have changed since I passed on vital information on how they could prevent the Ebola virus from entering and affecting our community which helped them a lot in being safe and free from Ebola. My community members admire and respect me a lot now than before.

In this fight against Ebola in which I was involved in I was afraid me being infected with it. But in winning this fight we have to be determined inorder for us to win. And since we took the job in our community the virus was less active amongst our community members because they were aware on how to prevent it. So I see myself as a very important figure in my community because of my involvement in social mobilization.

As we all know Ebola is a struggle in our country presently if I had not been involved in voluntary mobilizes work in my community. They wouldn’t have accept the message and responded to the preventives as they did when I told them about the disease and how deadly it can be to our community. They listened to the information about Ebola and they helped stopped the spreading of it in our community and amongst family members

Well my wish and hope for my country Sierra Leone is plenty. I wish Sierra Leone will become a paradise that will flourish with so many beautiful things and good leaders. Also I wish for Sierra Leone to be blessed with good health system and educational system. Most of all a good economic system so that everyone can earn money that can sustain their families as a whole.

The best thing that I think and will like is for Ebola to be out of Sierra Leone. And we be declared an Ebola free country once again everything will get back to normal and we can all be happy. All our dreams and endeavour in the past months can be achieved. We have lost so many important people in this fight. Like the doctors, nurses, soldiers, civilians etc. Although it will not be easy to forget these people because they sacrificed a lot to this country.




Ebola Hero: Mohamed Sarafu bah

July 22nd, 2015 Posted by Heroes No Comment yet

I am Mohamed Sarafu Bah, a student of Fourah Bay College and I am presently working for the 117 Ebola Response Centre as a call Back Operator.

I believe every sierra Leonean one way or the other has been personally affected by the Ebola epidemic in the three regions Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. Our daily lives have been one way or the other hampered because we have to make adjustments here and there. For instance more and more Sierra Leoneans are now conscious of the way they travel, certain places have been restricted from frequent movement from time to time. Goods and services have been affected especially agricultural product, sometimes this lid to scarcity. So you see on that note, I believe every Sierra Leonean has been affected like the president rightly said ‘’this is the case of state health emergency’’.

Being a sierra Leonean and realising that our country presently is under this crisis. I feel the need to join in the fight against Ebola, so when the opportunity came without even thinking I jumped in and that was how I landed my current job.

So for me sitting behind the computer with a headset on was both new to me as a person because I have not been used to it and spending 7 hours a shift is very challenging. We are all humans but it is an emergency situation. People don’t call you because they feel relaxed and most times when they do call they are distress, someone calls who might be frustrated and i as a young person with all that responsibility on my head have to handle the caller alone. First of all I have to get information from the person, I will have to placate them before getting information and sometimes we do get reluctant callers. You can’t go on and blame them because they are in a very difficult position so that is why I said it has been very challenging for me but on the whole I wouldn’t give myself a 100%. On the whole it has been fulfilling because most of the time i am able to placate the callers. I worked as a call operator for sometimes before being promoted as a call back operator which is a bit different from picking up calls as an operator. As a call back operator you have to call to make follow ups on people who have called earlier to make their case.

Well I see evidence of that every day. I will not give myself all the praises but it is obvious we are playing our part in bringing down this epidemics.

I think my work here an operator is very important. I am not going to say that 100% we have done all the work but certainly we have done our work and even the calls we receive is important. For the mere fact that we are in a strategic situation where in we collect all the information and then pass it out to the command centre for them to take effective responses signifies our importance. It is not an over statement our work here is challenging but at the end of the day we are happy with ourselves. I want to cast your mind back to the time when we had high number of cases in December but as the months passed we now have fewer cases. We here at Afcom who have been receiving calls have been paying attention to our work. So, I believe our role is very pivotal.

One thing that’s common with this job is hard moment because you as a human even without saying a word when someone calls you and the first thing you hear is wailing or crying you know that something is wrong even without getting the full detail. It is not that ordinary call that you get from family or family to check on you, so hard moment is all part of the work. I must say at the beginning I did find it quite hard because it is not something you get used to. Sitting behind your desk for 7 hours you get calls and it is often sad news that someone is sick or dying. You know the kind of mental picture you get even though you are not at the scene but it is almost like its spontaneous we are humans and we all have emotions. Sometimes even without thinking your emotion creeps up in you and the next thing you find yourself expressing your sympathy to the person because you know it’s sad.

Ebola is what all Sierra Leoneans are hoping to kick out including our fellow neighbour Guinea and Liberia. We are all fighting to kick out Ebola.

To me I see it as it’s on all of us and we need to get our resources together to get back to our normal ways where children will be able to go to school, business people will be able to plough the rough of the various provinces to the capital bringing goods which will lead to a booming economy.

Everyday has been a new experience for me because I don’t wake up in the morning expecting to answer the same calls. Every call I make is different from the other.

It has taken my empathy to a whole different level. I see myself now as a humanitarian more and more, every story I hear touches me personally and also it has opened the world to me in a way that things I wouldn’t have thought of myself doing some how I feel comfortable now. You come here knowing that you are not directly involved with the sick people or the corpses but in a way you are somehow responsible because you have to make that case. If they are going to attend to a case you have your own part to play which in a way you are involved. For me, I see that as my greatest responsibility. Now I am doing certain things that I would have backed off from and think that am too young. It is right there in front of me and i have to face it as a person and there is no escaping once you put yourself in my shoes and think of it. You come here, running down to work early in the morning or late at night knowing full well that the stores you are going to hear for the most part are not pleasant and they are going to do with something we are all very afraid off. The images of being sick and losing your life even when you get off work either consciously or subconsciously plays in your mind.

This brings me to the fact that we are very grateful to IsraAid who has taken this initiative to offer 2 hour session where we get to pour out our grief and also they have provided us with various diverse ways to deal with stress since the work is very stressful. We are very grateful for such wonderful opportunities.

My life has changed as a person and now I look at life in a different perspective. When someone calls you to report an emergency case in which a person has collapsed and they are waiting for an ambulance but due to certain delay of the ambulance the person ends up dead. This makes you feel guilty even though you should not be because it is not your fault and you can’t do anything about it.

It is not a happy ending and you never stop thinking that a doctor who has been responsible for thousands of people are now dead is a big loss to the nation.

For me the picture I am creating in my mind as i come here to execute my day to day activity is that I want to see children going back to school, hospitals re-opening, workers going about their normal duties and businesses flourishing like they used to. In short I want to see the end of the state of emergency. I see it as a personal goal.




Ebola Hero: Lucinda faith Samuka

July 22nd, 2015 Posted by Heroes No Comment yet

My name is Lucinda faith Samuka

I am a nurse I am medical person I study reproductive health and Hiv and aids

I like my community because people are peaceful and everybody mind their own business

I have family I used to have my mother, father and other relatives

Ebola killed all my family

It affect me personally because myself I am survivor, I was infected but due to early treatment today I am here.

To help survivor and to tell them that if anybody show signs of Ebola they should call 117 they will be cured if they respond to treatment. If you have anybody at home that is showing signs of Ebola call 117 so they will come and pick the person and take them to the treatment centre or if you are not able to call 117 you can go to any nearby treatment centre I belive that if you do this you will be cured

They think my work is good because Ebola has destroy our country and killed so many people so if we want to help to push the fight against Ebola so that Ebola will be eradicated is a very good thing so they are happy

My work is to help other people who have been infected with the virus but survived some of this survivors after they discharge and return home the community reject them and stigmatize them they find it very difficult to live in the community again, even your friends abandon you I am an example am just on my own nobody visit me or come close to me sometimes I will sit alone for a very long time till I feel sleepy then I will go into my room and sleep. I am unemployed right now so I have nothing to do

Yes my job is very important, I talked to fellow survivors that all is not lost after surviving this deadly virus we need to get hope that one day we would be somebody in life

When I was infected with the Ebola virus it was not really easy for me I was vomiting, having continuous diaria I was paralized but I thank God now due to prayers and early treatment I am ok now

what kept me strong is prayer because I am very prayerful and also medication. The centre where I was taken to the hastings treatment centre they are very careful even though other centres are not careful but where I was taken to they are very careful and I was also responding to treatment

Well I use God`s power because with God everything is possible so I use the name of the lord and Jesus so I survived

well my spiritual father Bishop Abu Koroma inspired me he told me that all is not lost that through faith in God I will not die I will survive

I have learnt a lot it was very difficult for me just like I said before when I was at the treatment centre I was paralized the workers at the centre were doing everything for me I was unable to do anything for myself so am telling the people out there to call 117 if they show signs and symptoms of Ebola or you go to any treatment centre so you will get treated

My advice to the people is for them to be strong get faith wipe out Ebola let us do not allow the spread of Ebola again as soon as you see sign of Ebola report as soon as possible to the treatment centre or call 117

My life change because I am alone now I have no one to talk to the community that I live in the stigma is too much so am not happy in this kind of situation because am lonely and I have lost all my family member I have no one to take care of me I have lost my job too life is very difficult for me

After returning from the treatment centre we the survivors form an organization called SLAES and I am the director of public relation I advocate for the organization for help from stakeholders to help us kick Ebola out of Sierra Leone because it has destroy so many lives we are taking the lead because there is a slogan that says who feels it knows it we know what is inside the treatment centre so we will pass on the information to people out their that all is not lost you only need early treatment and prayer to pull through that is why we form this organization some survivors do not have house to live after returning from the treatment centre but I was lucky my mother build this place so after I was discharged I came back here to live but for others it is very difficult for them some sleep in crude cars and do not have food to eat so we are calling on stakeholders to help us with funds so we will be able to help other survivors who need help because it is difficult for us as we have lost everything but we know we will conquer

For Ebola to be eradicated and everything going back to normal and I will be employed again

We are helping to fight against Ebola we are joining hands with other organizations social welfare and others together we will kick Ebola out of Sierra Leone

I will keep on passing the information I will talk to others if someone died call 117 do not touch or wash dead bodies if someone is sick do not hide them take them to the treatment centre I belive if we do all this Ebola will end

We the survivors need help people are discriminating and stigmatizing us we are unemployed and some of us have lost our families life is difficult for us, the community have abandoned us if we get the help that we need we will be happy again

My name is Lucinda faith samuka I am a nurse currently I am the director of public relation for the Sierra Leone association of Ebola survivors. I lost 11 members of my family right now am lonely.


Ebola Hero: Jenifer Sarah Duncan

July 22nd, 2015 Posted by Heroes No Comment yet

My name is Jenifer Sarah Duncan. I was born at the kamakwie district in Sierra Leone. And I am nurse currently working at the Connaught hospital. And S.E.C.H. L nurse and also a mental health nurse. As of now I am working in the general ward specifically ward 2 but very soon I will be working at the psychosocial pillar at the Connaught hospital.

I like everything about my community. People are very friendly and caring. But what I like most is the younger kids that are in my community. They are very respectful to their elders and they are all my friends.

I have a family. I have my husband and we are living together as a family.

Well at my current work as I said before I am working in the ward and also in the psychosocial pillar at the Connaught hospital. I am working with the nurses providing therapy for the nurses, for the survivors. For those that proves negative from the different holding centres that are being admitted in the hospital. Sometimes we go in to see them if they have any mental health conditions.

My friends and family think that the work is too much, especially with stigmatization with mental health. Because I am a mental health nurse so most times they will be stigmatizing me but I normally ignore them because I find joy in doing my job. Providing service for the nurses and those affected. Well for now because we are gradually trying to open the facility formally. The psychosocial and counselling department in the Connaught hospital. But I have other people the Ethiopians, Dr Stania kamara the psychiatrist from London working with us at the Connaught hospital. I am also providing services for the Maculey street nurses and olla during nurses. So for Connaught hospital we provide training, we do stress assessment, stress management forums and other related conditions to mental health. We also visit patient that are having mental health disorders that have been referred to us from the various ward. And patient also that have been referred to us from holding and in the treatment centres that are in the ward. We also provide therapy for the nurses, nurses in the holding centres and in the isolation ward and nurses in general. The sister nurse will call upon us to provide therapy for them. There are series of patient that we have been seeing that have mental condition. They are suffering from stress and even those that survived that have been medical conditions. They have been stigmatized so we provide counsel and encourage them. And those that need medication, medication are provided to them by the doctor who is Dr Stania Kamara.

I decided to do nursing because I like the job. Since I was growing up, I had wanted to be a teacher or a nurse. But with my personality I am a type of person that like to take care of somebody. And that is why I decided to do nursing.

Yes my job is very important. The fact that I am providing care therapy, helping people that we think are not important. To make them realize that they are very important that makes me feel very happy in providing service for every set of person.

The hard moment in working in the Connaught hospital was the time Ebola started. It was very tedious because it is a new thing and we have never faced such epidemic before. So it was not easy for us to come to work. Unless we have to encourage ourselves as nurses, medical personnel. Because it came to a time when the nurses do not come to work unless we have to conduct a stress management forum to help them handle their stress and use their coping mechanism so they will be able to come to work. Those where stressful time for us when it started.

Thank God I am a mental health nurse so I used my skills the coping mechanism skills and this has helped me a lot. And if I am stress I try to speak out to colleague friends. I normally do exercise, watch movies, read books to help me cope with the stress. And that has helped me so much.

As a hero I was fighting against Ebola which has destroyed a lot of people, our friends, family members, colleagues a lot of economic situations and everything has been bankrupt. But as an hero now we think the number is gradually reducing so we are happy because we know at the end of the day we will win. Because of all what we have been doing, the people that have been helping us from various countries to fight this war.

My power and inspiration came first from me because I was determined purposefully that I will not quit for my colleagues mental health nurses we always encourage ourselves. My nurses at Connaught hospital, my boss matron who is always a motivator to us, to see that we push and we have been doing it since up to this time.

The memory or thought that I will take with me from this whole experience is when we heard about other organizations coming to take care of survivors, quarantined homes, relatives and all the rest. We never had people coming to provide therapy or services for colleague nurses. About 21 of us now 20 because we lost one during the Ebola crisis. We took upon ourselves we came together and said we are going to provide therapy for our colleagues and that is what we are doing presently in the entire district. There are mental health nurses that have been posted in different district and we are working effectively. And not only for nurses colleagues, but for survivors and others.

As I said earlier on that we lost one of our colleagues because 21 of us where trained as mental health nurse and Mr Ibrahim Bah was at portloko government hospital and got infected with Ebola and died so that’s a pity for us. But there is a lady that has taken his place now and she is presently working at portloko government hospital.

Because we have never witnessed such before I think because of all the experiences we have got it will strengthen us more if there will be an occurrence again after 10 years. So we will be prepared to handle it more than what happened. it gives me more hope and confident that no matter the type of epidemic that is affecting our nation we will be able to tackle it.

I think this is the time we have to be on our legs because we are thinking about post-traumatic stress disorder. Because for people that have survived, for nurses that were working in holding and treatment centres and in the general wards. For relatives and children that have lost their parent. Those that have lost their loved ones, they will be going through grief, stigma, discrimination and all of these. So we have to prepare ourselves now and start working to help them.

My struggle now is to see that we continue to do our best in every sector.

The best thing I thing that can happen to me now is to get up one morning and listen to news and they say we have zero case.

My work was part of the whole struggle in this crisis because we were providing therapy for the nurses. We talked to the survivors, to patient that have lost their loved ones. For those that have been admitted in the hospital that prove negative to reassure them and give them hope that there is a better life ahead of them and continue to provide service for them.

My wish and hope for the future of Sierra Leone is that when we hear about issues pertaining to the nation culling our way we should stand and be ready to take the lead and be ready for it. Because of what happened in this crisis we should have gotten rid of what has happened now. So we should try by all means to take the bull by the horn.

What I think should happen now to Sierra Leoneans as a whole is when we have no Ebola case. I think everybody because if you are in the taxi people will be saying things like oh this Ebola thing should come to an end. We want schools to reopen; we want to do our work. So I think this will be the best for Sierra Leoneans.

I think we should call different stakeholders, colleagues to help fight the post-traumatic stress disorders and the mental conditions that people will be facing. So we will come together and work collaboratively to finish everything.


Ebola Hero: Ibrahim Amara Kamara

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I am Ibrahim Amara Kamara, and I work for a state institution that is responsible to register political parties regulate the affairs and conduct of political parties so as to ensure their compliance to the constitution and all other laws. I am also one of the founders of the Sierra Leone Association; this association is formed based on the back door for us to break the chain of transmission of the Ebola virus. We also have district vocal person which we normally communicate with other colleagues for us to continue to embark on voluntary exercise to break the chain of transmission and raise the awareness of people especially survivors to go to healthcare centres.

I am a Sierra Leonean by Nationality but because of the nature of my job I do not tell people from which region (north, south, east & west) I come from because I want to see myself as a full pledged Sierra Leonean wherein all Sierra Leone men and women are my brothers and sisters. In Sierra Leone the moment you attach yourself to a particular region the perception of people and what you want to achieve will be very much difficult. I am a Sierra Leonean.

The thing I like about my community is that the awareness level of the people has gradually increased. Like people normally say society is not static but dynamic and it gradually evolves over time. For the past decade the perception of the people had gradually changed and what I like most about my community (the black hall road) is the fact that they embrace survivors like me because they know a horrible illness has been inflicted in our country so whenever someone survives of Ebola , that person is seen as a hero. They will also encourage that individual to carry out his usual day to day activities before he/she got infected.

I have a beautiful wife and daughter but I lost a son to Ebola. I am very much happy with my nuclear family. I use to have an extended family that comprises of my parent aunts and uncles but now they are all dead. They are a blessed memory.

I was personally affected and infected with the Ebola virus and I am a survivor. I got the virus when taking care of my loved ones especially my son and dad. I first took my son and dad to the hospital where in my dad got diagnosed with diabetes and pressure not knowing that it was Ebola but I do not blame the doctors because Ebola is a strange disease that has inflicted our nation. Unknown to the doctors that it was Ebola I got close to my son and dad. One good thing about us Sierra Leoneans is we live in a closely neat society where everyone has passion for the other so when one person suffers we care for him/her. It was through passion, caring and love that I too got infected with Ebola.

I am still a Youth and Gender activist for the political parties’ registration commission. I still work and I receive corresponded from them but I am currently on sick leave but I will soon return to work because the offices miss me so much. I think I have been doing pretty well in raising awareness of people especially when it comes to elections, Governance and democracy. Also I have been advocating for women to actively participate in the Governance structures of their communities. My office and Youth group miss me so much and they are already yearning for my return. I love my job and pretty soon I will resume work.

After discharge from the Ebola centre, few of my fellow survivors whom we discharge together approached me and together we designed a good initiative wherein as survivors we should seek the welfare and dignity of other survivors. Some of us spent a lot to get proper medication after discharge for us to get fit again, so we shared our experiences and some claimed they have spent over $300 for them to be fit again. Those of us that are not rich have spent this sum to get back into the community, so what about those in the provinces/villages and those that are so poor that they cannot afford the resources. We as a team decided to come together and form the Sierra Leone Association of Ebola Survivors (SLAES). The main objective of this SLAES is to promote and advocate for the dignity and welfare of Ebola survivors especially the very poor. Also to lobby to other organisations to come to their Aid and to ensure that survivors are aware of their responsibility in breaking the chain of transmission, survivors are aware of the support the Government and other institution should give them wherein they too should champion their own course to be properly re-integrated into society. This organisation is supported by the ministry of Welfare, Gender and children with no less the person by the Minister himself Honourable Mojeh Kaikai. He financially supported us to organize a national consultative meeting at the Hasting Treatment centre wherein we invited our fellow survivors from the 14 districts all over the country with the exception of Bonth district because they had no survivor. We all came together and drafted a constitution which was also endorsed by the ministry. We later encouraged our colleagues from various districts to volunteer to provide psycho social therapy with the little knowledge that we have because of the high level of stigmatization that is going on especially in the provinces. We also encouraged our survivors and district vocal persons to reach out and give hope that all is not lost. We also move in treatment centres with no support from anybody talking with patient that have not yet survived the virus and counsel them telling them that all is not lost. We encourage them to be prayer and try to be fit.

My family and friends appreciate my work so much though I am on sick leave but I have decided to embark on voluntary activities with my colleagues on the SLAES of Ebola survivors. They appreciate me so much because I am raising awareness for several people that are going through post Ebola complications; some are blind and are suffering from severe body pains so I normally advice my fellow Ebola survivors to contact health clinics. We have communicated our concerns through the ministry of social welfare that our fellow survivors are going through severe ordeals in life so the government has assured us that pretty soon they would establish survivor’s clinic in the entire district. We are raising awareness to other survivors advising them that whenever they feel health complications such as partial blindness, severe body pain and other complication they should go to healthcare centre with their discharge certificate to get assistance.

I am a Youth and gender activist but right now I am on sick leave. The stack holders that I work for know that even though I’m on sick leave I am playing a vital role to ensure that we stop enough transmission of the disease. There is an accusation that survivors are infecting non survivors, so we have engaged our fellow survivors that it is high time we adhere to the 90 days period given to us that we should not engage in any sexual intercourse or in the worst case scenario use a condom but even the use of condom is a challenge because we have a high illiteracy rate in our country and the level of understanding is very low. Most people do not even know how to use a condom or how to even dispose of it. Also most are adhering to the 90 days period and I personally is above 100 days but I am still afraid to get that close to my wife because I don’t know if the virus particle are still in my semen. We are advocating to the Government for a clinical research on our semen for us to have confident in ourselves and help protect others. We have engaged the minister of social welfare who is very much interested in salvaging survivors.

My job is very much important and I am doing my level best to raise the awareness in the communities about the dangers of Ebola. Most people have now recognised the fact that Ebola is real and most of them know the preventive precautions for them not to contact the disease. The role we are playing is very much good and we are doing this without financial support from anybody. We are embarking on a voluntary exercise and engaging the community in creating awareness for the eradication of Ebola.

Even though a large number of the community accepts us now there are still others who think because we have contacted the virus we are an outcast which is very challenging for us. As for me I would not allow anybody to stigmatize me but other survivors find it very difficult to counter these challenges. I do not allow people to stigmatize me because of my status, I know my right and I have played a great role in the society. I am not ashamed to tell people that I am an Ebola survivor but even when I do they do not believe me.

As a hero I was fighting and still fighting against the chain of transmission of the Ebola. Ebola has disrupted our normal ways of life and it has become a threat to our nation. The SLAES and the nation as a whole is fighting against Ebola.

I have heard news that some has survived the virus before I got infected and it was through that inspirational spirit that I got through it all. People survive Ebola mainly because they have developed that mindset that they are going to make it. If a person at the eastern provinces can survive the virus I too can do it too, it’s all about your mind set and it all depends on your determination. When I got infected I had that inspiration that I am going to fight Ebola at all cost.

I learned that we should adhere to the medical advice given to us by our health practitioners and had people followed the advice of the medical practitioners when it started in the provinces so many lives could have been saved. We should try as a nation to adhere and listen carefully to health practitioner and other people who are very well experienced with such illnesses. If we had stopped some of our cultural practices of coming close to the sick then the rate of victims will not have sky rocketed. Our cultural practice was a challenge to the Ebola virus.

Sierra Leone is a very religious country so we are going to pray and embark on vigorous campaigns.

My life changed a bit before getting infected with the virus, I was a vigorous activist in Governance for Youth and women’s participations in our democratic process. I am now seeing myself embarking on social mobilization drives which are two different things but my normal working life is being threatened by Ebola so I am not able to achieve my role wherein I raise the awareness for youth and women to be active in Governance. I see it as a slight change in my normal life of promoting the welfare of my community.

I have severe challenges, I lost my brothers and sisters so there children are now under my wings. I have to take their responsibilities which is very challenging because were my salary was just enough for my unclear family now I have added responsibility.

The best thing that can happen to me is for me to get back to my normal working life. I have so much passion for my job.

The formation of the SLAES is very timely, this is where we hold weekly meeting and encourage our fellow survivors to explain to us about their current situation in life there is a saying that says who feels it knows it. We embark on this social mobilization because people tend to listen to us since we are survivors when we go into communities, we explain to them about our experiences and preach to them about the dangers of Ebola virus. We are expanding our voluntary activities to all regions and preaching to people about the consequences of taking care of the sick. We advice them to take the sick to hospitals and avoid body contact.

The rate of infection has drastically reduces because of the immense role we have played in breaking the chain of transmission through the social mobilization drive. People in communities believe us so much when we show them our discharge certificate that they listen to us. Now the awareness rate is very much high thereby reducing the rate of infection.

My wish and hope is for the healthcare unit to be available to all diverse people in Sierra Leone. The SLAES and my own personal opinion we really want the entire health system to be overall, wherein full scale health unit is available to poor vulnerable people at a cheap cost. If there are healthcare centre available in communities people would be more willing to participate in building their communities because only health people can participate in community building. The Government and other international organisation should invest in healthcare centres because a healthy nation is a prosperous nation.

We are going to embark on series of advocating, lobbying and raising awareness to the people that they should respectfully and peacefully advocate for their needs in the society especially with regards to the health system. People should engage the religious leaders parliamentarians and counsellors that it is high time they adhere to their manifestos that they should provide health care facilities because in all the manifestos of all the political parties that when they come into Governance they would put more premium on health so the people should have that awareness that should engage their leaders for them to properly enact health facility structures and also bring in medicine to heal the sick.

One big thing that I want all Sierra Leoneans to do is to continue showing love and passion to one another. People should also stop this issue of stigmatization of survivors or any other person who has gone through severe illness in our community. People should encourage such people because some of these survivors have critical role to play in developing our communities but if you stigmatize them and that person happens to not be strong enough them that community have lost an asset and he/she will not contribute to society building.


Ebola Hero: George Deign

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My name is George Deign, I am 27 years old and I am part of the Ebola response team. I am a single parent raising one child.

As a person, I have played a role in serving my country and eradicating Ebola.

The thing I like about my community is that everyone is good and courageous.

Before Ebola, life was going on smoothly for me and I was a DJ working at radio stations and clubs but since the outbreak of Ebola all my businesses collapsed. Ebola has greatly affected me.

When we had the Ebola outbreak, I had no way to work since all dj activities were closed and I did not want to sit home so I decided to volunteer to save Sierra Leone.

This voluntary job is not easy and like I said before I was trained by DFID and MSF to work at red zones areas that are very risky. It was not easy for me to work at the red zone but I thank God and the Government because the cases have reduced.

My family was against me working at the red zone because they were scared that I day I would bring the virus in to the family. I thank God I was able to convince them that I am serving and leaving a legacy for my country. My friends mocked me but that was expected and I did not really care. When they see me in the PPE suit they laugh and make fun of me but just part of the society.

You have to put on your full PPE before you enter the high-risk zone where you perform your duties. My responsibility was cleaning the mess at the risk area but I also did a lot of errands except doing the job of the doctors or nurses.

During this Ebola outbreak I lost my job and since I was idle I decided to work at the red zone thereby leaving a legacy behind and serving my country.

My job is very much important because I am fighting to eradicate Ebola in Sierra Leone. I pay less attention to the benefits and work hard to leave a legacy for my people. I am working to save the lives of Sierra Leoneans.

I was having a hard time collecting sick people and bringing them to the red zone. Also when I get home my friend laugh and mock me which was very hard for me.

I encouraged myself that disease will soon end and I will get back to my normal ways of life. I keep on telling myself that I am doing a job for Sierra Leone so I kept my head up. As a hero I was fighting against a virus called Ebola which is a very dangerous disease that has infected our country but I thank God we are on the verge of defeating the Virus.

It took the Grace of God, training and advices given to us by DFID on how to dress using the PPE to win the fight against Ebola.

I was self inspired since Ebola has left me jobless, I took it upon myself to volunteer and save Sierra Leone from the deadly disease no matter the circumstances.

My younger sis was the one inspiring me whilst I was working.

My lesson and advice to people is to tell them that Ebola is real and it is not a joke so I am advising everyone to pray for the end of Ebola in Sierra Leone.

We are praying for the end of this disease and for it never to return again and frankly nobody’s not even the kids are wishing for Ebola. My advice is for us to be courageous and volunteer to work thereby eradicating Ebola.

Ebola has changed my life because now I can stand on my own and take care of myself with no help from my sister. Ebola has provided a job for me even though it is not easy but I thank God.

My struggle now is after the Ebola the Government should not forget about those of us that volunteered during those hard times risking our lives to save Sierra Leone. Also we thank God we now have fewer cases which means we have been doing a great job and soon we would defeat Ebola.

The best thing that can happen to me right now is for Ebola to end.

Like I said I went through the training and everybody is aware in the society that Ebola is real, so we use that power to advice people to take precautions. I believe I have played my role in eradicating Ebola.

My name is George Deign, I am 27 years old and I am part of the Ebola response team. I am a single parent raising one child.

As a person, I have played a role in serving my country and eradicating Ebola.

The thing I like about my community is that everyone is good and courageous.



Ebola Hero: Bockarie Iloroma

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I was a mechanic training at the central medical store but I later focus on driving and then somebody from the ministry took me and employ me as a private driver when there was vacancy at the ministry for driver he helped me secure a driving job at the ministry.

I like everything about my community except for the water crisis and rugged roads. Taxi and bikes don’t reach where I live they stop half way and I walk home.

Ever since I start this job I have not been infected by Ebola or any sick similar to Ebola

When Ebola entered Sierra Leone we were asked to go for training by then we were hearing about how doctors and nurses were dying so I decided to go for the training because this is my country if I refuse to go nobody will come and do it for us and the ministry in charge of this ebola crisis is the ministry that I am working for. If I leave the job after ebola where will I find another job so I said to myself that my life is in Gods hand. I am taking the risk and do this job if I die doing it my only prayer is for God to guide my family

My family, my wife and kids don’t have any problem with my job but my friends stigmatize me even in my office they stigmatize me my fellow drivers were afraid of the job. After training their was only one ambulance in the whole Freetown to carry dead bodies and the ambulance has no partition and also the chlorine that we use to spray the vehicle is very strong and sometimes suffocate me when I was driving. When I smoke I inhale the chlorine because it is everywhere in the vehicle and when I cough, I cough out chlorine

When Ebola entered Sierra Leone we went for training and we were told the dos and donts of this job but I like to drive a clean vehicle but at that time their no measures put in place for cleaning the vehicle so I raise the point in my office so that they will hire people to clean the vehicle because the odor was coming out of the ambulance was not good and it was affecting me. The chlorine sprayed in the ambulance mixed with the blood from the Ebola victims makes me feel sick so I ask my boss to hire and train people to wash the ambulance and also the ambulance I was driving has no partition I made a report about this and they gave me money to pay a local carpenter to fix a home made partition but yet it was very risky.

When Ebola hit the capital I was the only driver available for the job. Per day I will pick up to 15 or more bodies rounding the whole city. I will work from morning to late evening until the burial team strike for the ministry to increase the team it was very hectic I had no time for myself in some communities where we go to pick up corps was very difficult to reach, there are times when I will be at the eastern part and get a call from the office to go to the western part to collect corps it was very difficult for me sometimes we climb more than five hills per day dressed in full PPE. I have no time to rest we work tediously all day.

I lost my father at a very tender age I drop out and the people who took me in use to buy cars, I saw the problems they usually have with mechanics and I was at home doing nothing serious just to run errands, there was no mobile phones at that time I was used as an errand boy and a medium of sending messages. I walk miles to deliver messages. I got tired of this situation so I told my sister that I want to learn mechanic job so this is why I choose this job but at one time I was driven out of the house because I had a fight with my guidance son who throw away my tools because I put them on so ended up in a fight and I was driven out so there was no support for me to continue with my mechanic training I switch to driving but mechanic is my profession even at the ministry where I work my boss are aware of it and I help in fixing their cars and sometimes supervised they are being fixed or service.

Why my job is important to me first to start with the government job that I have plays a great role In my life, it change my life all what I earn I earn am able to put them into use and also keep to keep my family together if I was under rent I would have been kicked out because the area that I live people stigmatize me and try to ask indirect question when ebola will end. I was very careful not to touch my wife and kids or enter my house without taking a good bath, when I reach home my wife will bring water and soap I will undress and bath before touching my kids and entering my house and I requested for my ambulance to be washed everyday but they thought I was just being difficult yet I persist so they eventually listen to me and gave me money to pay people to do it so I mobilize some boys and teach them how to do it so they will not get infected and I gave them plastic boot to wear but prior to this time they use to pay people to wash the ambulance outside not inside when we want to clean the ambulance people don’t allow me to use their place even at the office they refuse they said the government has not given them protection to wash the vehicle but I was I took it upon myself wash the ambulance.

I live in a very community people abuse me saying I don’t want ebola to end because I am eating ebola wife want to react but I stop her and told her that we are not the ones who brought ebola in Sierra Leone I am just doing my job so let them say what they want to say if they want to insult let them insult the nurses and doctors because they are the ones dealing with the ebola patients I am dealing with the dead bodies so I advice my wife not to listen to people as long as they are just talking behind my back let it go even my colleagues at work at work stigmatize me even to the ambulance they gave me keys permanently it was under my care. After we lost four drivers to ebola everybody was afraid and warned me stop working but I refuse and told them if I die then so be it but I am not quitting

I was quiet, even before the ebola am not use to having many friends or visiting friends so ebola policies just meet my own policies in the morning I went to work and after work I went straight home and find something to do if am home early so I am always occupied with work sometimes I will help in cleaning the house. When people try to insult me because of the kind of job I do I give them deaf ears. At times people stone us when we went to collect dead bodies and abuse us but I still work we were never given police to guide us but they gave the other team which is team one who is now covering the eastern part of freetown and we are team two covering western area we were the first team and was suppose to be team one but because the office is at the eastern part where the second team is so they give them team one and gave us team two

I was fighting against ebola, I said to myself that I will help fight ebola to the end to the end and hence I am still alive I will help fight ebola in my neighbouring countries if they still have ebola so that it will not come back to my country and up till now I still have that determination because I know the measures that I will take so that I will not get infected I always guide my friends also to be careful for them not to be infected because if they do get infected I am also in danger

My number one power is courage because without courage you will not have faith in God to do the work and I use God every morning before I go to work I pray to God I am a muslim and I have the faith that hence I am not going out to kill or do bad God will protect me and I always use my sanitizer and chlorine

Growing up I have faced a lot of hard times and difficulties in my life when difficult time arise I just find ways to find solved them so I just have faith in God and self determination no matter what we do God is our savior so I keep my faith in God and I told myself even if I ran away from this job I might get infected but doing this job I will know more how to protect myself.

Iam so happy I have my family with me, my wife and kids gives me courage and joy also GOD even if I went to work and came back with nothing as long as my family are in good shape and still have the courage that God will guide us and do more for us

Ebola Hero: Ballia Kamara

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My name is Ballia Kamara

Am 50 years old

Am a volunteer for the ebola sensitization team for constituency 112

I was a business woman before the outbreak of the ebola crisis but due to the this crisis I stop my business and I saw it fit to join in the sanitization team to help others in sensitizing our communities about ebola.

I came from the northern part of Sierra Leone Kambia District

The things I like most about my community is the cordiality of the people. We all live together we do, we do thing in common and we are all friendly to each other

I was personally affected financial due to the ebola outbreak my business was going slower than how it was before the outbreak so it affect me

We all know Ebola is a dangerous disease and when it reach our country we have no idea so I thought it fit to go out, as a citizen of this country to help the people in our community by sensitizing them about the ebola disease what to do and what not to do inorder for them not to be infected so this is the reason why I was I was going out

Just to sensitize them, tell them about ebola and the do n don’t of ebola. If you do this you will get ebola and if you do this you will not get ebola that is all iwas doing going house to house to sensitize people

Just like what I was saying when this ebola has affected my country I thought it fit to do it, it is a non-profitable job I am not paid for this job I just thought it fit to do it tp help my country so that is why I chose to do it

There was already awareness in my people as ebola was already in the country most people were aware of it so I don’t have any difficulties with the people only when we were walking under rain and the sun to do the sensitization and some places where very hilly but I never face difficulties with the people

Well there was nothing to do I have no option I just accept as it is even though the sun was hot and sometimes and sometimes it was raining I still continue with my work because I want to see the end of ebola in my country

We are all fighting against ebola only no other person or disease just ebola

My own contribution in sensitizing people is what I use to win because due to this sensitization that I was doing so many people were motivated that is why we are able to reach to this that we are now

Well I just thought to myself as people are going out to do the sensitization let me join the team of volunteers to fight against ebola because I myself I am a citizen of this country and we need to work for our county don’t ask what has the country done for you but what have you done for your country so this is what motivate me

I have learnt a lot what I will take with me is the memory how people listen and adhere to what we told them not to do and what they should. I thank God especially for my community ever since the ebola outbreak we have not yet got any case so this is what I have learnt

I will tell them that we all should be careful and learn from the past, we should always take care of ourselves and stop neglecting issues. Let us all learn to take precautions.

Ebola affect me, I was doing my business but now am not doing anything am just at home take a look at my table that I’m using to doing with it is now broken and I am just in stagnation right now

I thank God for he has made it possible for the high decrease in confirm cases. I hope and pray that as the cases have been decreased that we will soon reach zero case and for it not to ever happen in our country again.

For ebola crisis to end in our country so that we will all go back to normal and our children go back to school that is what I want

Well like what I said earlier when I sensitize any community about ebola they became aware and up to date that we are having single digit in confirm cases my community has not yet got one case not even suspected case so I thank God for that. And I know I played a great role in this

For Sierra Leone to come back to its past glory and enjoy all that we have lost

To hope and pray to God only for God to help do things for me possible