Ebola Hero: Ballia Kamara

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My name is Ballia Kamara

Am 50 years old

Am a volunteer for the ebola sensitization team for constituency 112

I was a business woman before the outbreak of the ebola crisis but due to the this crisis I stop my business and I saw it fit to join in the sanitization team to help others in sensitizing our communities about ebola.

I came from the northern part of Sierra Leone Kambia District

The things I like most about my community is the cordiality of the people. We all live together we do, we do thing in common and we are all friendly to each other

I was personally affected financial due to the ebola outbreak my business was going slower than how it was before the outbreak so it affect me

We all know Ebola is a dangerous disease and when it reach our country we have no idea so I thought it fit to go out, as a citizen of this country to help the people in our community by sensitizing them about the ebola disease what to do and what not to do inorder for them not to be infected so this is the reason why I was I was going out

Just to sensitize them, tell them about ebola and the do n don’t of ebola. If you do this you will get ebola and if you do this you will not get ebola that is all iwas doing going house to house to sensitize people

Just like what I was saying when this ebola has affected my country I thought it fit to do it, it is a non-profitable job I am not paid for this job I just thought it fit to do it tp help my country so that is why I chose to do it

There was already awareness in my people as ebola was already in the country most people were aware of it so I don’t have any difficulties with the people only when we were walking under rain and the sun to do the sensitization and some places where very hilly but I never face difficulties with the people

Well there was nothing to do I have no option I just accept as it is even though the sun was hot and sometimes and sometimes it was raining I still continue with my work because I want to see the end of ebola in my country

We are all fighting against ebola only no other person or disease just ebola

My own contribution in sensitizing people is what I use to win because due to this sensitization that I was doing so many people were motivated that is why we are able to reach to this that we are now

Well I just thought to myself as people are going out to do the sensitization let me join the team of volunteers to fight against ebola because I myself I am a citizen of this country and we need to work for our county don’t ask what has the country done for you but what have you done for your country so this is what motivate me

I have learnt a lot what I will take with me is the memory how people listen and adhere to what we told them not to do and what they should. I thank God especially for my community ever since the ebola outbreak we have not yet got any case so this is what I have learnt

I will tell them that we all should be careful and learn from the past, we should always take care of ourselves and stop neglecting issues. Let us all learn to take precautions.

Ebola affect me, I was doing my business but now am not doing anything am just at home take a look at my table that I’m using to doing with it is now broken and I am just in stagnation right now

I thank God for he has made it possible for the high decrease in confirm cases. I hope and pray that as the cases have been decreased that we will soon reach zero case and for it not to ever happen in our country again.

For ebola crisis to end in our country so that we will all go back to normal and our children go back to school that is what I want

Well like what I said earlier when I sensitize any community about ebola they became aware and up to date that we are having single digit in confirm cases my community has not yet got one case not even suspected case so I thank God for that. And I know I played a great role in this

For Sierra Leone to come back to its past glory and enjoy all that we have lost

To hope and pray to God only for God to help do things for me possible


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