Ebola Hero: Abdul K. Sesay

June 22nd, 2016 Posted by Heroes No Comment yet

My name is Abdul K. Sesay.

Before Ebola I was living a normal life, everything was going smoothly. Ebola killed some of our community, and I believe that was what gave us the courage to fight against the virus.

I played an important role. I was on the frontline, meeting one on one with Ebola patients, cleaning them up, and helping both the doctors and nurses.

I have learnt how to protect myself so even if Ebola resurfaces I can now take care of myself. It helped me because I also sensitized my community on what to do and what not to do with Ebola.

My powerful moment was a sad one because that was the first day I entered into the red zone when I saw little kids laying down on the ground with the virus in them. That was what gave me the strength to work with all my heart because I don’t want to see kids suffering. That was my most powerful moment.

They were suffering, some could not even eat for themselves nor could they do anything for themselves. I have my own kid, so I saw them as mine as well. Even though that was not my unit I decided to go there and help frequently.

I have a lot of hope for the future and I still have hope for the work I have done. The president promised us that he would thank us after our work. We still hope and pray to God that it will come to pass, even though some of us have been relieved from our work in May.

I hope to be someone. I am still going to school now at the tertiary level and I hope this will help me to become someone in the future.

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