Ebola Hero : Grace Mamie Kargobai

December 16th, 2014 Posted by Heroes No Comment yet

Name: Grace Mamie Kargobai

Age:  24

Position: Ebola Response 117 Operator

Prior to the Ebola crisis I was a final year student at Njala University studying B.Sc (Hons) Environmental Management and Quality Control.My passion to help in any way possible got me involved, through my best friend who told me Ministry of Health were help where looking out for young people capable of talking on the phone and narrating that information well for action.

I work at the 117 Ebola Response Centre. I started off as a call operator, then became a dispatcher, after which I got promoted as a supervisor and now am a shift manager. So by way of my position gives I am a soldier in the fight against Ebola by ensuring that my shift runs smooth, and making certain that all information that comes through that phone is acted upon by being dispatched to a command centre for response.

Life has changed since Ebola I am a more driven and responsible woman now. For everyday am alive and I am not an infected case, I know I have a reason to work harder and get Ebola out of Sierra Leone in my own little way. My family has mixed feeling about my work. They are proud of me as their child because they know combating Ebola is a priority and they are happy with my contributions however, but they are also scared as Ebola has now become the priority of our country.

In the future I want to be that woman who effects positive change in whatever she drives herself into. So in five words I will be a – multi talented career driven woman.

I dream for Sierra Leone in the short term to be Ebola free, and in the long term I dream for a nation that practices good governance, equal opportunity for all, a place where women have a voice.
I am an Ebola Hero because I wake up every morning not being infected with Ebola but confronting every day through my work in the 117 Ebola response centre. I have a vision and a focus to help end Ebola and that is what I am doing.

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