Ebola Hero : Hassan Bangura

November 23rd, 2014 Posted by Heroes 1 comment

From: Kambia/Freetown.

Age: 22.

Prior Employment: Finished Secondary School, House Construction.

What helped you fight Ebola?: Counseling. My brother bought a phone for me. We kept communicating. He told me to think about myself, to zero my mind to all that was going on around me, to think of my survival. Dr. Oris was a kind Doctor, who talked to me gave me encouragement and also kept my family updated.  When I entered the treatment center I saw bodies lined up from the entrance, it was a shock but I could not think about that. I took my medicine and ate my food. I didn’t look at anyone there was so much hopelessness there. I kept thinking about what my brother said and thinking about my future, I have more to do in this society. I turned into a comedian in the treatment center making people laugh.

How does it feel to be a survivor?  It feels great. In my community people knew I wasn’t well but they didn’t know I had Ebola. When I returned to my community and explained my experience with my family and friend they could believe it and they could not believe I survived Ebola I look normal.

What is your dream for the future? I want to be a role model, to tell my story. I’ve always had difficulties in life. I want to give help to the helpless. I am somebody.  I will be the voice of the voiceless.

What is your vision for Sierra Leone? People will work hand in hand with Government to strengthen the nation.


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Douglas says:

Thanks for shanrig. What a pleasure to read!

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