Ebola Hero : John Lassayo

December 18th, 2014 Posted by Heroes No Comment yet

Name: John Lassayo

Age: 44

Occupation: Chief superintendent metropolitan police Freetown
Family status: Married +4
How do you feel to be an Ebola hero: 
Ebola is an enemy of the society, so I feel good to fight it to death and save my people.
We are all part of this war and as a Commander I have to be in the frontline. It is challenging and distressing, but we have to do it.
I feel like I really make a difference, I’m supporting myself, and that means supporting everyone as we are all a nation of one people and we are all united against one enemy.
Whatever duty I perform in the fight against Ebola, I’m not doing it for the government, I’m doing it for myself and my Sierra Leonean people..
How do you manage your stress:
As a chief in the police, we have to deal with stress on a daily basis so we practice techniques that we learned in our training that helps us remain balanced.
In the work of the policeman, if we can’t manage our stress we won’t be able to survive.
Especially these days we have to stay in work for 16-17 hours every day it’s very tiring and stressful.. I hardly can see my family and children – if I cant manage my stress properly, during these long shifts- I might become insane or addicted to Alcohol..
What is your vision for Sierra Leone:
I wish to see Sierra Leone as one of the most developed nations- I wish that people from all over the world will come here to learn and enjoy the beauty of this country and its people.
I believe that my personal time is running out but I’m sure that my children and grand children will lift this nation up into a bright future.

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