Ebola Hero: Magdalene Fornah

June 22nd, 2016 Posted by Heroes No Comment yet

I am Magdalene Fornah. I trained as a Nurse at the 34 Military Hospital during the war and I later worked at the Emergency Hospital for seven and a half years. I was transferred to the Cannaught Hospital working directly with the Medical Observation Department at the Outpatient Unit. Before Ebola I was working on three shifts but presently with the appointment of a new head I have been transferred permanently to early to help with administrative matters.

During the Ebola crisis, I was working at the Outpatient Department where we received both suspected and confirmed cases. As the head, I ensured that these suspected cases are transferred to the Isolation Unit to avoid spread of the disease to other patients – as we await the swap/test result before finally sending the patients to Treatment/Holding Center(s). I personally sacrificed my life and everything in order to see that Ebola is DEFEATED. There came a time during the Ebola crisis when a good number of nurses stopped working because the infection rate was getting greater and more medical personals were contacting the virus due to lack of knowledge/experience and poor equipment in dealing with patients.

The greatest lesson I learnt during this crisis is prevention. Prior to this time I interacted with patients greatly but with Ebola it is a different situation; no matter how severe/emergency the case is I need to prevent myself fully before attending to patients. That is the best lesson I’ve learnt so far. The most powerful experience I had during this crisis is when I got infected with the virus and confirmed positive, it was a very dishearten news to me, but as a Christian I believe that God would see me through in as much as I was rending a National service; and here I’m today healthy and working as usual.

My hope for the future is that, I want to see more improvement in the medical sector. There are so many things that are missing in the health setting and particularly the Outpatient Department. I would like to see apparatus that would help Doctors and Nurses to help diagnoses patients easily. That is my greatest hope.

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