Ebola Hero: Massah Julliana Steven

June 22nd, 2016 Posted by Heroes 2 comments

My name is Massah Julliana Steven, and I am a trained and qualify SCCHL. So before the Ebola I was working as a nurse in one PHU where I was dealing with pregnant and lactating mothers, children and also minor cases like malaria and fever. As a volunteer, when the outbreak occurred I applied as a volunteer nurse under Red Cross; we were trained by WHO and sent to Kenema Treatment Center, forty- eight of us were trained by WHO but only six of us agreed to go as part of the force to fight against the disease. When I was traveling to Kenema for the work my husband told me not to return again into the house, and my children were almost driven away by the land lord. In Kenema Treatment Center there were only twelve nurses and one doctor which was not sufficient to handle/care for the amount of patients.

After a few months of work at the center, I was promoted as a staff welfare nurse who is responsible for the welfare of nurses in the treatment center. In executing this role I got infected with the virus from one of my nurses; I almost lost my life. The most powerful moment for me is the lack of government attention on us the nurses that started the fight in July 2014 in Kailahun and Kenema.

After recovering from the disease; I realized that all my properties have been burnt which is worth more than ten million Leones. I was only compensated with five million Leones. But I still didn’t give up my ambition to be part of the force against Ebola, so I continued my work as a nurse at Hasting treatment center quarantine home. My most bitter experience that I have ever had is when I contracted the disease, I was neglected by the government. The lesson I learnt is barrier nursing—that is how to take care of yourself and others. My hope is for the government to consider me by providing me with the nursing pin code.


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