Ebola Hero: Lucinda faith Samuka

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My name is Lucinda faith Samuka

I am a nurse I am medical person I study reproductive health and Hiv and aids

I like my community because people are peaceful and everybody mind their own business

I have family I used to have my mother, father and other relatives

Ebola killed all my family

It affect me personally because myself I am survivor, I was infected but due to early treatment today I am here.

To help survivor and to tell them that if anybody show signs of Ebola they should call 117 they will be cured if they respond to treatment. If you have anybody at home that is showing signs of Ebola call 117 so they will come and pick the person and take them to the treatment centre or if you are not able to call 117 you can go to any nearby treatment centre I belive that if you do this you will be cured

They think my work is good because Ebola has destroy our country and killed so many people so if we want to help to push the fight against Ebola so that Ebola will be eradicated is a very good thing so they are happy

My work is to help other people who have been infected with the virus but survived some of this survivors after they discharge and return home the community reject them and stigmatize them they find it very difficult to live in the community again, even your friends abandon you I am an example am just on my own nobody visit me or come close to me sometimes I will sit alone for a very long time till I feel sleepy then I will go into my room and sleep. I am unemployed right now so I have nothing to do

Yes my job is very important, I talked to fellow survivors that all is not lost after surviving this deadly virus we need to get hope that one day we would be somebody in life

When I was infected with the Ebola virus it was not really easy for me I was vomiting, having continuous diaria I was paralized but I thank God now due to prayers and early treatment I am ok now

what kept me strong is prayer because I am very prayerful and also medication. The centre where I was taken to the hastings treatment centre they are very careful even though other centres are not careful but where I was taken to they are very careful and I was also responding to treatment

Well I use God`s power because with God everything is possible so I use the name of the lord and Jesus so I survived

well my spiritual father Bishop Abu Koroma inspired me he told me that all is not lost that through faith in God I will not die I will survive

I have learnt a lot it was very difficult for me just like I said before when I was at the treatment centre I was paralized the workers at the centre were doing everything for me I was unable to do anything for myself so am telling the people out there to call 117 if they show signs and symptoms of Ebola or you go to any treatment centre so you will get treated

My advice to the people is for them to be strong get faith wipe out Ebola let us do not allow the spread of Ebola again as soon as you see sign of Ebola report as soon as possible to the treatment centre or call 117

My life change because I am alone now I have no one to talk to the community that I live in the stigma is too much so am not happy in this kind of situation because am lonely and I have lost all my family member I have no one to take care of me I have lost my job too life is very difficult for me

After returning from the treatment centre we the survivors form an organization called SLAES and I am the director of public relation I advocate for the organization for help from stakeholders to help us kick Ebola out of Sierra Leone because it has destroy so many lives we are taking the lead because there is a slogan that says who feels it knows it we know what is inside the treatment centre so we will pass on the information to people out their that all is not lost you only need early treatment and prayer to pull through that is why we form this organization some survivors do not have house to live after returning from the treatment centre but I was lucky my mother build this place so after I was discharged I came back here to live but for others it is very difficult for them some sleep in crude cars and do not have food to eat so we are calling on stakeholders to help us with funds so we will be able to help other survivors who need help because it is difficult for us as we have lost everything but we know we will conquer

For Ebola to be eradicated and everything going back to normal and I will be employed again

We are helping to fight against Ebola we are joining hands with other organizations social welfare and others together we will kick Ebola out of Sierra Leone

I will keep on passing the information I will talk to others if someone died call 117 do not touch or wash dead bodies if someone is sick do not hide them take them to the treatment centre I belive if we do all this Ebola will end

We the survivors need help people are discriminating and stigmatizing us we are unemployed and some of us have lost our families life is difficult for us, the community have abandoned us if we get the help that we need we will be happy again

My name is Lucinda faith samuka I am a nurse currently I am the director of public relation for the Sierra Leone association of Ebola survivors. I lost 11 members of my family right now am lonely.


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